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Linola Seed best quality wholesale price

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  • BrandSK International
  • Country of manufactureChina
  • ColorYellow
  • Speciesозима
  • Screen95 %
  • PackagingBarrel

This variety was developed to provide a source of edible linseed oil with a low alpha - linolenic acid (ALA) content of approximately 2% , as compared to 50% in the wild type variety. It was done to improve the storage quality of linseed when used as a bulk livestock feed. Linseed's previous main use had been linseed oil for use as a paint ingredient, with the ALA (omega - 3 fatty acid) being a quick drying component. With the advent of "plastic" water - based paints, the linseed market fell into decline, but when marketed as a stock feed, the omega - 3 content also deteriorated quickly in storage. Compared to normal linseed, linola has a lower level of ALA, which increases the oxidative stability of the oil/seed, which means it remains edible much longer when stored. Linola has a correspondingly higher content of the linoleic acid, omega - 6 fatty acid, around 65% to 75% . The seed colour was also changed from the wild type dark brown seed to a light yellow seed, which consequently gives an oil of a light colour, easily distinguished from the darker linseed oil.

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